Thursday, August 26, 2010

Special Bonus Round: Covers

Cover by Ben Cohen

In this round we are asking contributors to do the unthinkable...finished work. Wait, isn't Sketchy Scribbles just for our doodles?

Original by Erik Larsen for DC Comics's more then that, and in this case you can illustrate either an Album or Book Cover (i.e. Music, Comics, ect...).

Cover by Ben Cohen

Covering a piece of someone's art is not entirely original, nor is the fun play on words with covering a cover, not a song. This, of course, has become very popular with sites like Covered.

Original by John Byrne for Marvel Comics

But we have no guidelines here at Sketch Scribbles, so if you plan on submitting their too, check their rules first.

Well, just two rules, have fun and do good work.

-Ben C.

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