Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Korgoth: "The Thinker" of Barbaria

I really should be painting but this sketch just kind of got out of hand.

"Korgoth of Barbaria" was one show which really should have gotten more than just a pilot.


  1. this show's pilot was great, like Ralph Bakshi using Alex Toth model sheets to make an ultraviolent Conan cartoon

  2. Hahah . . . Bakshi. Have you ever been to that guy's myspace page? It is pretty funny.

    I know you guys aren't into 3d per se but Dominance War is on and it is kickin proverbial A$$ so far.

  3. I dig the linework on the dragon and it's scales. The way the Barbarian is cozy in there makes him look like a carved relief.