Saturday, May 16, 2009

Round Seven


  1. Nice personality here but where is her hair?? ;-)

    Is there a way to scan non repro pencil and remove the blue easily in photoshop?
    Always found it funny that "non repro" blue is now VERY reproducable.

  2. it's there...I guess she just has a flat head.

    I always select the blacks and copy in a new layer after adjusting the levels. We were taught to use threshold, but I think is makes for poor line quality. If anyone knows a better way I am all ears.

  3. If you press down hard with the blue you will always have a faint line no matter what process you use. Otherwise, removal in Photoshop is pretty simple:

    Convert your scan to CYMK. Click on the "Channels" tab and delete the "cyan" layer (this will make it a wacky color, but you'll see the blue line is gone or reduced). Convert to Grayscale and delete the "yellow" channels layer (grayscale mode usually only has a "gray" channel, so it's not missing much). Then Image > Adjust > Levels as needed. You can convert back into CYMK or RGB if you're starting to color. If you use a red col-erase, the same process will work too (substituting red for cyan).

    All that aside, if you aren't preparing lineart for color, I dig leaving in the blue/red sketch lines. They add character and movement. :)

    Ben: Is she a specific deity, or just inspired by the culture? I dig the line-weight, jewelry detail and body type!

  4. This drawing comes from the Hindu devatas (Devas) depicted on the walls of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. They are other research is I will hold off from interjecting more.

    As for the rest...Line-weight: simply that is why I love my wife is a jeweler so...body type: As noble as I put on, the truth is I am like everyone else; just drawing what I like.