Monday, June 15, 2009

I remember an office mate...

I first met Jeremy when he started as a part-timer in Sequential Art, he was teaching electronic portfolio or something another like that and I was over in Norris teaching Drawing for Storyboarding at the time. We became office mates when we both shared a desk between Julie and Dove for a couple of quarters. Jeremy had shit everywhere, all the time, books, art, projects and I used to cuss about it constantly as I had only one box of stuff and a laptop. To his credit, Jeremy never apologized for his mess and after a while I realized that it couldn't negate what an awesome and goofy guy he was (and that I had been sharing an office with Larison, overlord to a spectacle of an office mess). Jeremy, I'd see you time to time and chat, the students we shared sung your praises to me and know I'd much rather be looking at that desk, cussing about it than writing this post. I hope this finds you at peace and among the many great artist who have already left us.

1 comment:

  1. Nice work, as usual. Good color scheme.
    Captured his character quite well.