Thursday, August 13, 2009

Round 9: Seven Deadly Sins as Seven Deadly Days

Wanted this to look like an old 50s pinup calender, only in watercolor. Didn't quite get it, and the font needs to be fixed badly.

Saturday: Day of Lust

Who will take the next deadly sin? . . .and which day will it fall on?

Something which may help as inspiration for this is a blog called "People, you'll see in hell"


  1. try sampling out a palette in photoshop from a piece of art-it helps with retro color schemes...But I like this piece, it's got a cool concept and execution...

    P.s. - I made that blog you mentioned a link in your post..


  2. Thanks for fixing the link. I did actually sample my colors from the reference. This is one I may end up coming back to later.

  3. I meant to post this earlier...but I think no one is going to nail this one as well as you far I was right.