Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bits of Cable

This was what I thought was a good idea but it went terribly, terribly wrong. I can't look at it anymore. Blargh. Very WIP, but this is supposed to be a sketch blog right?


  1. It's not that bad. I know we always comment on how far we take these as far as sketches to finished pieces. And I think we should keep them as sketchy as we can. Don't kill your self trying to make a masterpiece of a sketch. Honestly the sketches you have on the bottom work great. They have so much more energy than the top image. I'd love to see you focus on just the sketches, but I know you're trying to work on digital painting so i totally understand. I like your guns by the way.

  2. I agree with Scott, the sketches have lots of destiny filled time traveling energy...but kudos to your painting, it's getting better and those 3D guns are killer!

  3. Thanks but the guns really suck. They are more starts than anything. That is just it. I struggle with getting my paintings past the WIP stage. They never end up being finished. I suck at "speed painting". The integration of 3d into photography and painting is fascinating to me, and I hope to get better at it.
    I like the sketches on the bottom better too.