Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dr Sketchy Pinup

Keeping it loose here. Hope nobody minds me crossposting. This is a sketch done the other night @ Dr. Sketchy's Los Angeles branch. I have to thank Ben for getting me into Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School. My figure drawing has definitely improved since going and it is a lot more fun than AFO!

EDIT: This is obviously NSFW but hey, it's a pinup round. SOMEBODY had to finally go full frontal.


  1. Dr. Sketchy's drawings are always welcome here and fit the current round well (I've been too broke to go to the last couple here..ahh lingering school debts). These are looking great!

    Ah, AFO, I haven't heard that in a while. VCU's foundations is completely different now...it's more like the department that I teach in these days...

    and hey, I went full frontal a few posts down!
    and sketchyscribbles should never be safe...anytime, anywhere...

  2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/grey_hash/sets/72157620887640117/

    What happened to AFO? What do you mean by it working more like your dept?

  3. it's still AFO but they have dedicated faculty to that dept now, no more professors from the other majors teaching foundations. A lot of the class have been changed, they added a perspective drawing studio and reworked the basic design and drawing studios also. Plus we're the foundations program that everybody is starting to copy now, because we're the biggest in the country and the best! (we'll I might be a bit biased about that) but no joking we're definitely the best equipped and most diverse one.


    But seriously, art blog=nudes. People should know that. ;) I wish our Dr. Sketchy's would come back. I just re-did my figure studies section on my site and reeeeeally need to do some soon lest I go crazy. :/ You level up fast when you do figure drawing!

    This a 20m? It's really hard to sketch leg forms when they're in wacky positions like that! Good shapes. :)