Sunday, September 12, 2010

Round Fourteen: Armed to the Teeth

Bill Sienkiewicz's Marvel cover for his and Frank Miller's "Elektra Assassin" No. 1 is one of a handful of iconic images I can say made me a cartoonist.

I first encountered it as a kid on a frosty summer morning on Telegraph in the window of Comics and Comix. A friend and I had skipped Strawberry Rec. Camp, and stared at it for hours before the shop opened, with sweaty palms accompanied only by local hobos.

When discussion of Round 14 came about, I couldn't shake the image. Then last night, inspired by the discussion, I came up with my twist.


Ben C.

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  1. Nice, and kind of disturbing. I will never look at that cover in the same way ever again. Thanks a lot Ben... JK haha.