Thursday, January 21, 2010

Round Eleven - Giant Robot Dragon (and Round Four)

This is a rough robot I plan on adding some color to at some point. Also a flashback to an earlier round with Mary Prankster. I don't know if Mary makes the best poster child for excess but her big breakthrough hit was called "Tits and Whiskey".


  1. Two for One? Double would have only been better as "Whiskey Fueled Robot Dragon Tits"....

    I think that's a round to itself...

  2. Some interesting effects on Mary and nice attention to her face. Is the oval graphic a logo?

    Is this only a section of your full dragon sketch? I like the eyes, vents and detail going on in the horn area. :)

  3. I like how the guy in the dragon sketch almost looks like he is casting a spell on the robot dragon. Nice bit of irony there.

  4. I feel like that guy...and from that ironic perspective...although I am not sure at any given moment who has who.

  5. BRP: LOL - that would be an interesting round.

    Mirana: That is Mary Prankster's logo. The band broke up long ago but was a staple of local Baltimore indie rock.

    Quickmind: Funny, I think I did that subconciously. Couldn't decide if he was distressed or trying to get the dragon's attention or what. This is definitely something I want to come back to.

    Ben Cohen: I wonder how I can turn this idea on its head.