Saturday, January 23, 2010

Round Ten: Demon Lord

A very bored Demon Lord, sitting on his throne and scratching in-between his horns with his pointed tail. I went with most fearsome tattoos imaginable for a demon lord--Baroque filigree!

Sorry it took so long to get this up, but I figured I owed you guys some diversity in Round 10. ;)


  1. I love the texture in the horns. The pose, expression, anatomy, everything is superbly done.

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  3. As always I am drawn in by the draftsmanship, but I stay for the contrast between the horns subtle detail and the strong pithy line quality of the body.

    Have you been watching True Blood...we are on the second season and this image is very timely.

  4. Ben: Not a fan of vamps, actually. I AM a fan of HBO's work, but I've only ever caught one ep of the show and wasn't drawn in.

  5. as always, very quality work...a sharp eye for composition and placement of detail to lead the eye!

    plus ABS! They work for everything else! I expect our traffic to increase 10 fold if this continues..

  6. Given the current climate I understand the resistance...There is a plot line involving a demon, that is finally very interesting. For me homesick for Savannah, just because of the feel.

  7. I absolutely love the quality of this drawing. The detail in the horns is great, and the fact that he's scratching his head with his tail in boredom is great, lolz.

    Are you going to color this?

  8. Don't have much to say which hasn't already been said. Fatastic linework, but how do you do it? Is that graphite? The lines are so clean it is hard to tell. Do you touch it up digitally at all? Really want to see some color and value in this because the linework and character are superb.

  9. Ben P.: Should I have had him cross his legs the opposite way for 20-fold? ;D

    Ben C: Current climate? Do the Twi kids count as vamps? ;) Didn't like Rice as a teen, didn't care for Nosferatu or the Draculas, etc. Maybe because it's expected (especially of gals) to like the creepy-sexy aspect of them--and I find blood sucking and dead skin to be grooooooss. ;)

    There are demons in Savannah?? Probably more of them than all these ghosts we're supposed to have!

    Christis: Yes, there will be color. I did a pass in watercolor and gold ink, but I'm rusty and want to try something digi. Then maybe watercolor again, haha. (Good luck on your JPN trip plans! I went for a 2-wk study in Tokyo at the end of my degree and it was fab. You can hit me up in EM if you have questions. :)

    Grey: Yep, it's plain ol' graphite. Regular HB .5 mechanical, nothing fancy. Sometimes I do touch up on smudging, but on this one he's 100% from paper to screen. The only thing adjusted on him was contrast to pop the lines. I did a very light pass of a base sketch, then went back and worked top to bottom on the lines you see here. Not much to a naked guy, really. Now the Elven Lord I did....christ. Maybe I should remember to do a process on a piece (in my blog) sometime?