Saturday, February 6, 2010

Round Eleven - Giant Robot Dragon

So . . . um . . . I spent WAAAAYY too much time with the gradient tool in photoshop today.


  1. Is that smoke a photo element or a custom brush? Either way it's interesting to see this, It feels more like Adobe Illustrator in some places...

  2. It is a smoke element composited in, as is the city in the background. It does feel like the gradient mesh tool in illustrator but believe it or not I created custom shapes and custom gradients in photoshop. Took far longer than I care to admit but it was worth it for the practice.
    Also, was inspired by a talk by
    Christian Lorenz Scheurer in which he proved being a better photoshop artist can mean becoming a much better digital painter. In fact, he even admitted to being a horrible painter but you be the judge! His mastery of masking and gradients seems to more than make up for it.