Monday, February 22, 2010

Round Twelve: SIDEKICKS... Weasley Style!!!

Okay, Party People: as the guy who opened his yap and suggested that we do a round on sidekicks, it's up to me to start the ball rolling. My first contribution is one of my all-time favorite literary characters, the incredibly ordinary RON WEASLEY (aka, the guy standing next to the Boy-Who-Lived for 10 years and 7 books!)
This sketch is mostly done in Prismacolor marker and colored pencil, with a touch of Photoshop in the BG. (Bear with me, please; I'm slowly trying to teach myself to work in more traditional coloring media.) Hope you guys dig it!


  1. I love the detail and form of the hand. Ron is a great choice. I am pumped about this round.

  2. Nice color and tricky pose. Did you have reference? How long did this take you?
    Who is the first commentator and can they speak english?

  3. I agree with laptop...Ron's a great choice..this has his hot-head cocky attitude shining right on through..